Nutritionist Website: 5 Most Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

by | Mar 13, 2018

There is so much advice on the internet about how to grow your online nutrition-based business or get more clients in your office.

For the most part, it all runs along the same lines of “use social media marketing, paid advertising and have a good website.” Part of that is true = Have a good Nutritionist Website. Well, maybe not just good…

However, what many fail to do is elaborate on how BIG of an impact your website has on the future growth of your nutrition-based business. Your website influences the amount of traffic, leads and sales you get (or don’t get).

Your Nutritionist Website

Today, I’m going to focus on 5 common website mistakes that negatively affect your traffic, leads and sales numbers.

#1 = Your nutritionist website is hard to navigate or confusing

Stop Wasting Time on your Nutritionist Website

Whether it’s a referral or a stranger, when someone visits your website they’re looking for the answers to these 3 questions…

  1. What do you do/have?
  2. What can you/it do for me?
  3. What should I do next?

…and you have about 15-20 seconds to provide those answers or clearly direct them to the place that will or they’ll hit the back button and go to a competitor’s site.

‘cuz for real….we ain’t got time for that.

Maybe you specialize in nutrition for young athletes or sell custom meal plans online. Clearly state that, then elaborate on the benefits/outcome.

Can you ensure optimum energy levels for young athletes? Restore thyroid health? Whatever your answers, they should be immediately obvious to visitors.

Nutritionist Website Call to Action

Just as important as the other two items, visitors should know exactly what you want them to do upon visiting your site.

Should they book an appointment? Buy your vitamins? Subscribe to your newsletter? Make it known! Otherwise, they’ll get on your site, click around for a minute then think “that’s nice” and click the back button.

#2 = Your nutritionist website doesn’t have a lead capture mechanism in place

Nutritionist Website Lead Capture

Not everyone who visits your website will immediately make an appointment or buy your products, but that doesn’t mean you should write them off. They may not be ready to purchase just yet. So, your job is to nurture them into a sale.

How? By capturing their contact information and continuing to engage with them, whether by phone calls or email marketing.

People won’t hand over their contact information willy-nilly so you need to offer something pretty good in exchange. It could be signing up for your nutrition newsletter, scheduling a 15 min consultation, downloading a free guide, workbook or cheat sheet.

Whatever it is, it should valuable to your target market. It seems counterintuitive but the best way to get more leads and sales is by giving away some of your BEST content for free. Doing this creates trust and gives prospects incentive to stay engaged and see what else ya got.

#3 = Your nutritionist website is not optimized for search engines

Hey Girl SEO Nutrition Website Optimization

Unless you’re brand new to online marketing, you’ve heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) about a million times. Groan all you want but there’s no getting around it. Your site MUST be optimized if you want more traffic to your site.

If you’ve just joined the conversation I’ll give you the short of it. SEO is the process of improving your website so it’s easier to find when strangers are looking for content relevant to your business.

In other words, if someone Googles “How to grow your online nutrition business with website marketing,” I want my website to be one of the first to pop up in the results.

First and foremost, make sure your sitemap is properly installed. Otherwise, your website might be invisible to search engines altogether.

Your Nutritionist Website Needs Keywords

Next, apply keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business and what your target audience would search for in your title tag, heading tags, meta description, and alt attributes (image tags).

Finally, have lots of content on your website that’s relevant to what your potential customers are looking for….which leads into the next mistake on the list…

#4 = Your nutritionist website has no content

Nutritionist Blogging

Blogging produces 3 times as many leads as paid advertising and costs 62% less. Regularly blogging about topics relevant to what your potential customers are looking for provides more opportunity for search engines to find you, bringing more traffic to your website.

Additionally, a blog provides the perfect opportunity to capture leads if you include a call-to-action at the end of every post.

#5 = Your nutritionist website is considered “done”

nutritionists website is never done

It’s safe to say that the digital marketplace is constantly evolving with new technology, trends, demands, etc. In fact, last year alone, Google changed its search algorithm 500 times.

Any one of those changes can dramatically affect your ranking in search results. Meaning what got you on the first page of Google yesterday could be irrelevant today, causing you to drop off.

Just like a car, your website needs regular maintenance to keep it running at optimum levels. Not sure what that entails?

Lucky for you, I made it easy with my handy dandy Website Tune Up Guide for nutrition based businesses. Use it to get more traffic, more leads and more sales out of your website – while spending very little or nothing at all.

Stay Fresh,


P.S. We’re here to help. So if you have any questions, head on over to the contact us page and just ask!

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