Messenger Chatbot vs Email Marketing

by | May 14, 2018 | Messenger Chatbots, Messenger Funnels Chatbots

Messenger Chatbot vs Email Marketing Comparison Chart

Did you know that you can get 10 times more revenue by using a Messenger Chatbot rather than email marketing to engage with your audience? This comparison chart, Messenger Chatbot vs Email Marketing, displays real-world, tangible results that our clients are getting right now!

Keep reading to learn more. Then use the conversion calculator to quickly see how much revenue you could be getting with your very own Messenger Chatbot.

Messenger Chatbot vs Email Marketing

Messenger Chatbots crush Email Marketing in the 3 most important statistical categories:

1) Open Rate
2) Click-Through Rate
3) Total Revenue

Your Chatbot will give you a fun and profitable engagement powerhouse to sell your products and services. And the time is now to build a chatbot that rockets your business past the competition!

Open Rate = Attention


The definition of “Open Rate” is simple. It’s the percentage of people that receive AND open your email or message. This percentage represents the amount of attention your messages get.

Email marketing averages a 22% open rate while Chatbots average an amazing 80% open rate! If you’re not a numbers person, let’s just say that Chatbots get you WAY more attention than emails do. (Just ask yourself how many emails do you ignore and never open?)

Click-Through Rate = Engagement

Messenger Chatbot More Engagement Better Click Through Rate

The Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of people that opened your email or message, and clicked on a link or took action in some way. This is people interacting and engaging with you.

Email averages a miserable 3% while Chatbots average over 45%. If you had a list of 1,000 subscribers, would you prefer 30 people engaging with you or 450? That’s a no-brainer!

Total Revenue = More $ale$

Messenger Chatbot More Sales and Revenue

Total revenue is the total number of all sales of your products and services. It takes into account the total number of clicks and multiplies it by your average close rate.

Of course, average close rates vary by industry and the quality of the lead. You might close 80% of face-to-face appointments and 15% of appointments you have on the phone or over Skype.

In this comparison chart, I wanted to give email a break and set the average close rate for Chatbots at 15%.

Again, the lifetime value of a client varies by industry and what you actually sell. Do you sell products and services? Or just services? Or just products?

For this example, let’s just say you charge an average of $500 for your main service. That could be $250 for an initial consultation plus $250 for a 6-month follow-up consultation.

That brings us to the bottom line (pun intended). Would you rather get $4,000 in total revenue from your 1,000 subscribers or $34,000?

Exactly zero people would say they prefer $4,000 over $34,000. That would be crazy!

But then again, not many people are using Messenger Chatbots to build an engagement powerhouse that quickly produces results.

The Opportunity is WIDE open…for now!

According to our research, about 5% of health coaches, solo-preneurs, and small business owners use Messenger Chatbots.

That’s a low number considering Facebook Messenger is the #1 messaging platform in the world. Your prospects are using Messenger. Why aren’t you?

Once your competition catches on, results from Messenger Chatbots will look a lot like email marketing does today.


To your continuous success,

Hendrik de Vries
Co-Founder &

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