Nutritionist Website Hack: Quick Website Hacks to Get More Clients for Your Nutrition Business

Feb 27, 2018

How to Get More Clients for Your Nutrition Business

Are you a Nutritionist, Dietitian (RD)(RDN), Health Coach or Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) who wants to know how to get more clients for your nutrition business?

Maybe you…
….Dream of quitting your day job and pursuing this full time but the money isn’t there
….Already quit your 9 to 5 but clients are few and far between
….Are just starting out and don’t know how to stand out from the competition

Whatever your reasons, growing your nutrition business and getting more clients starts with an effective website, one that above all else converts traffic into leads and clients like a well-oiled machine.

I’m going to show you the foolproof formula for nutrition websites that guarantees high conversion rates and gets more clients for your business.

Website Hacks to Get More Clients for Your Nutrition Business

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Step 1. The 3 Things All Visitors Look For

You already know that the majority of people do their research before choosing a Nutritionist, Dietitian, Health Coach or Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. This means they visit multiple websites in an effort to get to know other providers and find out if they can meet their needs.

With all the competition out there, do you think prospective clients take the time to click around on your website until they can find the information they want? They don’t, especially when it’s easier to click the back button and go to one of the countless number of other Nutritionist’s, Health Coach’s or Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)’s websites that are clearer and quickly let them know if they’re in the right place.

Nutritionist Website Grab Attention

Additionally, your website is often a prospects first impression of you and you don’t want them leaving with a bad taste in their mouth…which is exactly what happens when they have a poor experience on your confusing website.

Ask yourself: Does my website clearly state what I do and the benefits I provide? Is my website scannable?

ACTIONABLE TIP: Focus on very clearly telling visitors these 3 things as soon as they land on your website.

1.Here’s what I do

2. What it will do for you 

3. What you should do next.

Once you successfully communicate what you do and the benefits, give visitors clear direction on what they should do next. Should they buy your book? Schedule a consultation? Sign up for your newsletter? If what you want them to do next is not clearly and immediately stated, prospects will click the back button before allowing for any sort of meaningful interaction.

Example of a Nutrition Website That Clearly Addresses the 3 Things 

Nutrition Website Clarity Example

Step 2. Have a Way to Capture Leads

Not everyone who visits your website will immediately make an appointment or buy your products, but that doesn’t mean you should write them off. They may not be ready to purchase just yet. Therefore, it’s important to have a way to capture leads in order to keep the “conversation” going and develop a relationship so you can nurture their purchasing decision. Ok, then how do you “capture” their contact information? This is where the “what to do next” directive comes into play because it can be a valuable lead capturing tool.

ACTIONABLE TIP: The best way to capture and get more leads is to have a prominently displayed call-to-action (i.e. tell them what to do next) and give away something useful (and relevant) in exchange for your prospect’s contact information. This is often referred to as a lead magnet. Here are 6 lead capture ideas you can use for your nutrition business: Nutritionist Website Lead Magnet Ideas

Not sure what to offer? Think about your ideal client. If your ideal client is a 35 year old woman with hyperthyroidism, damaged hair, indigestion, and battered gums – I bet you could write an entire book on everything she needed to do to heal. But, your goal is to provide her with just a few actionable tips that will make a noticeable impact on her health.

Providing a quick win for her establishes a trusting relationship in her mind, making her much more likely to purchase from you in the future. Once you have her email address you can add her to your CRM (a place that keeps all your leads’ and customers’ info) and follow up with a phone call or begin sending her personalized, automated marketing emails. I use and love Drip for this. It’s easy to integrate with your website and user-friendly.

Example of a Lead Capture Form on a Nutritionist’s Website

This is from a client’s website. She’s offering a free nutrition guide (lead magnet) in exchange for a name and email address. Once a visitor enters their information they receive the guide. They also begin receiving informational emails about nutrition (providing value creates goodwill) with some occasional promotional emails encouraging readers to buy her “Better Nutrition Subscription.”

Nutrition Website Lead Capture Example

Step 3. Include Other Important Information

In addition to the 3 core items you should quickly address, including the following information on your website will increase the probability of converting website visitors into sales and clients.  

1. An “about me” page

This page may be the most important one. It has the power to either convert your potential clients or turn them off forever. So, instead of making it just about you and your accomplishments, try making it about your client and how your experience will assist their needs. Share your story while building a relationship and trust.

Pssst – download my free workbook to help you write the perfect About Me page.


2. Location and Contact Information

You’d be surprised by how many websites I see that make this information hard to find. Being accessible adds personalization and strengthens the relationship. Even if you’ll be conducting primarily telehealth or only selling products be sure to make your location, phone and email easy to find.

3. Testimonials

If you have them, flaunt them! The best and most direct way to illustrate what you do and what that does for clients/customers is with personal experiences.

4. Links to Social Pages

If you have a blog, Instagram, or Pinterest board, include links on your main page! Social media pages are a great way to “continue the conversation” and build the relationship. Social media is an effective tool in nurturing purchasing decisions.

Download Worksheet to Get More Clients

Did you find this information useful? Well, I’ve even got more tips for you…

Now that you know how to get more clients for your nutrition business, keep the momentum going! This was just part 1 of my Website Tune Up Guide which is guaranteed to get you 10x more traffic, leads, and clients.

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